Animating the game

Game Design

I haven’t been updating my game for a while now. Quite frankly, I kind of gave up and lost my motivation. It all seemed too much work and too little time. But worry not, it seems I just needed some time. It’s time to put some animation and movement to the game.

jQuery to the rescue!

People learning HTML almost remember to remind me of the fact that HTML is not a real programming language. Maybe it ain’t but it’s sure as hell building up into one. Nevertheless, I am not going to focus on that but I’m going to build some animation to my game! So here’s when jQuery comes along. It is a very simple but powerful way to add some logic to a simple HTML page. This is what my first working prototype of the upcoming animation look like:

    <script type="text/javascript">
            $( "#movehero" ).click(function() {
                $( "#hero1" ).animate({
                    opacity: 0.25,
                    left: "+=50",
                }, 1500);

My problem with using a stateless platform is that I had no workaround showing animations to screen before. jQuery has a built-in property of queuing animations. I guess this makes it possible to replay moves too! And it is possible to make simulations of the next possible moves … look at all the possibilities!

I’m thinking of coding things in a way that once a player have made his/her move and end the turn, a PHP script will generate all the needed sequences for the animations.

minunkin jquery

Randomness for the win

I’ve had also given a lot of thought for the game process itself. I believe I will go for the randomness so that every game will be somewhat different from the previous. I will do this for a few reasons. First, it will be more fun and give the game a longer lifespan. Second, it will be much more fun for me to create the game. And third, I have absolutely no idea what kind of a game might come out!

Those of you waiting for the next part for my Digital Identity series, fear not. It is coming… Stay tuned!