Deep thoughts and desperation (Game Dev)

Game Design

This has been quite a revealing adventure so far. I noticed that making the map and monster packs is really not too easy. I have to come up with a solution to make different difficulty battles. This is were I finished last time.

The importance of taking notes

Let’s do a little wrap-up of things. First, I’ve noted the importance of taking notes. I’ve spent time reading a lot of on-line documents of game designing and programming. The field is just massive. It’s overwhelming. It made me feel so desperate to realize how small of a player I actually am. But it was a wise move to do reality check and not repeat the mistakes of others.

However now I have troubles in continuing my game. Perhaps it’s quite normal, I have so many ideas and I’m scared if I take the wrong route, the game will be unfinished. Maybe that’s actually the problem. I have to decide if I want to have a finished game or do I just want to make wild tests and fool around. I think both are important  but especially when I’m feeling desperate, I have to actually get something finished.

All the ideas…

Now let me write down some of the ideas so far. I’ve been tackling with the map screen. Maybe I’m trying to come up with something far too original. In order to make a good game, you don’t have to have an idea that’s original or new.

  • The most important: Make the battle as finished as I can:
    • I need different kind of monsters.
    • I need to balance hero hitpoints, hero and monster action points and damages.
    • Make different kind of attack moves. Power attack? Spells to work properly. Currently missing a way to cast an offensive spell. Let’s use what we have already.
    • Need low hanging fruits. Immediate rewards in winning battles skillfully. A progress in map screen somehow?
    • Some kind of leveling system. I have one but it does not increase hitpoints.
  • Most interesting ideas so far:
    • Skills and spells that modify the actual battlefield like spawning rocks, smashing rocks towards enemies! Set monsters on fire and they set each other on fire.
    • Mind controlling at the first level, make monsters do stuff to each other!
    • Base/ship where to heal self. Should it be movable to a new area? Like an inn system.
  • Should I generate a random world? The reality is, I actually have no skill to do that properly. So maybe starting out small would be wiser.
  • I could make different terrains to make the battles variable.
  • What about items and weapons?

Object-oriented and game engines

I’m eager to learn some object oriented programming. But that would mean that the actual game won’t be finishing any time soon. Also I was looking at some HTML5 game engines which of some looked real promising. But I also think it is too early for them. I still have some unfinished business with the game.

My next idea?

I would like to do something where you build stuff. Like a village.