Enjoying The Finnish Summer

Tormentingly long wait is over and the beautiful Finnish summer is once again upon us. Getting the most out of the magnificent Finnish nature will be my main goal for this summer. What it means is that, I will not be spending too much time writing or coding. 

Lot’s of stuff have been going on in my life recently. I visited Thailand and Malaysia for three weeks, where I reunited with my girlfriend, who had already been travelling there for the last three months. It seems there won’t be any work for me during the whole summer. So I have plenty of time to watch some premium football, which is great news!

To figure out my relationship with Facebook, I decided to put in on hold. I haven’t been there for the last three weeks and I’m beginning to change back to “normal”. I mean the first week was actually quite hard. I felt this nasty feeling of missing out on something important while not being online on Facebook. I will continue being off from Facebook for an undetermined amount of time. Life is all good and I’ll try to make it even better.

Finnish Summer tree

Development of my website

I have made some improvements to my website behind the scenes. CloudFlare has been added to protect and fasten my DNS queries. I also started using AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud hosting service CloudFront, which dramatically increases the load time of my site. It also makes my site load faster no matter where the user is located. My website is hosted in Finland, but it opened just as fast from Thailand and Malaysia as it does here at home.

I occasionally have to remind myself that this is – mostly – only a hobby of mine. I shouldn’t take myself too seriously. However, I think I have done a pretty good job in making a next generation website with all the needed bits and pieces for a full-blown web service. I don’t have too much money invested in this. But if I would have, SSL support would be a must-have feature.

Hacking attempts

Bots have been busy while trying to breach my WordPress site. There have been 1851 logged invalid login attempts in the last 30 days. These attempts came from all over the world and I believe all of them were made by automated software. I enabled a security feature today from my iThemes Security plugin to prevent these automated login attempts. I wasn’t too worried though, because I have been using a Yubikey enhanced 2FA login method.

Plans for the Finnish summer

Maybe I should make some plans for the upcoming summer. Here it goes:

  • Go swimming at the sea
  • Catch a fish
  • Sleep at a tent
  • Make at least one trip abroad, perhaps to Estonia
  • Be happy