How to lock yourself out of Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is not for kids.

Adobe Creative Cloud is not for kids. You have been warned.

I have a bad habit of testing internet forms. At times I insert goofy values just to see if they are handled properly by the system. My newest inspiration was locking myself out of Adobe’s Creative Cloud web service. I haven’t logged in since the large data breach and in the process I was asked my date of birth. As it did not accept “Select” as a value, I happened to type in today’s date, 26th of January 2014. And boom, I was locked out of the account!


I managed to find a help page which states the following: “If you entered a birth date that doesn’t meet the age requirements, wait for 24 hours and then you can again enter a new birth date.”

Just to mention, I’m not able to change my birth date from the Adobe account settings. I just find it kind of sad.

P.S. Adobe thinks I’m from Afghanistan. I can’t change that either. It doesn’t surprise me though.