The next big steps

Here is the updated list of planned features.

Hero model, weaponry and spells

Mind, Body and Spirit.


Minya’s ship has crash landed into a seemingly deserted planet. But the planet holds mysteries and also hostile creatures. Our hero is only equipped with basic weaponry, a knife and a plate of steel. With no hopes in repairing the ship, our hero has to find a shelter in this new and hostile world.


I have realized that first I have to build a map system. I have to decide what information that map holds about the monsters and battles. And what is random.

Planned features:

  1. HTML5 keyboard shortcuts for movement (anything else?)
  2. Different kind of monsters. Tough armor monster. Fast light monster. Suicidal monster. Stupid monster.
  3. Ranged monster. Requires ranged AI.
  4. [ SPELLS DONE, SELECTING TARGET REQUIRES UI WORK ] Hero can use spells. Healing spell already done and tested. Have to decide how the spells work. Do they use both mana and action points?
  5. Ranged attacking Line of Sight. Bresenham’s algorithm… Super cover?
  6. Critical hits and Luck.
  7. Hitpoints and mana comes from the Hero level? Or should we solely focus on Skill points like Stamina and Magic?
  8. Selecting items for hero, before battle or anywhere? main hand & off hand, special item like a special spell or move.
  9. [NEEDS HERO ATTRIBUTE MODEL] Show Hero attributes in UI like attack power etc.
  10. Melee and Ranged attacks have own skill levels which raise when used.
  11. Spells have their own skill level system.
  12. GRID RELOADING. Not to reload whole page. Just the grid.
  13. Animate monster turn movement on screen.
  14. Weaponry: Mines (bear traps etc)
  15. Graphics, have to decide what format to use.
  16. Sounds