I had to confront the fact that my game designing was not the most important of my life at the moment. Though, it would not be true to say it wasn’t important. But it was only what it was, a game.

I ran into large variety of problems. Mostly I would have had to code some real stuff. But I think I just needed a break. The game was not nearly as good as I intended it to be. But it is a game and I’m very happy about it.

But I’m bored and overwhelmed by the amount of HMTL5 game engines alone. I understood by reading that even Angry Birds is made by using a ready game engine. So here I am thinking of how to code OOP PHP5 and how to separate graphics from the code via MVC model. Lots of questions…

And yet mostly I’m bored and busy at the same time. I have many ideas but I also have other things to do in life. But I still want to do something… maybe start designing some other game…?