Should I really work in the video game industry?

Work in the video game industry

I’ve been wondering if the video game industry would really be my line of work. It sounds too stressful and competitive. What I really don’t want next is an another nerve-breaking career move.

A lot has happened during the last few months. One long story is coming to an end as I’m about to leave the company me and my two colleagues started back in 2001. This will give me the opportunity to finish my studies on media engineering. Studies are going to take me a couple of more years, but that’s completely another story and I’ll save it for some other time. Nevertheless, I’m feeling quite relieved after 14 years of service and commitment to my work.

The experts say today an optimal time spent on a job is four years, after which you should be looking for another open position somewhere else. Otherwise, it will start affecting your salary. I’ve managed to triple that so I’ve been thinking real hard how to make it look good on my CV. And oh my, now that I think of it, I don’t have an updated version of curriculum vitae at all, so I’d better start writing one!


So what next? Video games, perhaps?

I’ve been exploring the video game industry for quite some time now. I’ve played a lot of games in my younger years and I still do, but as it turns out, there’s really nothing extraordinary about playing video games these days. I keep saying to myself that “I’m too old. I should have started making games a long ago.”. But the unrelenting truth is that maybe I’m just too afraid I wouldn’t make it.

Someone described a game making process to be more like this way: Everyone has an idea, but only a few will go so far as writing it all down on paper. Even smaller amount of game ideas will result into a working prototype. Only a small portion of games will actually become finished. And lastly, only a small portion of all finished games are actually of any good!

So you want to work in the video game industry

It’s been over a year since I started really digging into the world of video game industry and game design. Now it was really inspiring to read many of those great blog posts once again. If you happen to be interested in making your own games I strongly recommend you do the same. I just realized, that I started making the same mistakes as every other starting game designer had done. I started to scale up when I should had been scaling down.

A year ago, when I first read those articles, I couldn’t understand everything. That was because I had not experienced the process of making a game before. Now I know it’s all true and I just have to continue where I left off. Now here’s a great video for you.

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