Version numbering and progress

I know there’s a convention about version numbering but that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

I’ve been having a huge progress in my game. Some of the obstacles I thought would be quite big, actually proved not to be of a big deal. Currently my game’s version is 0.93. I decided to write about it because I wanted to know how my progress is really doing. I want to read this article after a month from now and see how much time I have invested in each particular property.

Now, let’s make a some sort of a road map. I have major development needs in the game map screen. How the battles will  be chosen and how will the game end etc. But let’s not get stuck there as I have decided to continue my work to enhance the actual strategy battle part of the game.

Planned battle features:

  1. [ ] Check if monster near by. Cannot make ranged attack if monster on the next square.
  2. [ ] Different kind of monsters. Tough armor monster. Fast light monster. Suicidal monster. Stupid monster.
  3. [ ] Ranged monster. Requires ranged AI.
  4. [ ] Hero can use spells. Healing spell already done and tested. Have to decide how the spells work. Do they use both mana and action points?
  5. [ ] Show active battling monsters on UI somewhere.
  6. [ ] Ranged attacking Line of Sight. Bresenham’s algorithm… Super cover?
  7. [ ] Critical hits and Luck.
  8. [ ] Hitpoints and mana comes from the Hero level? Or should we solely focus on Skill points like Stamina and Magic?

Big milestones:

  1. [ ] Selecting items for hero, before battle or anywhere? main hand & off hand, special item like a special spell or move.
  2. [ ] Show Hero attributes in UI like attack power etc.
  3. [ ] Melee and Ranged attacks have own skill levels which raise when used.
  4. [ ] Spells have their own skill level system.
  5. [ ] GRID RELOADING. Not to reload whole page. Just the grid.
  6. [ ] Animate monster turn movement on screen.
  7. [ ] Weaponry: Mines (bear traps etc)
  8. [ ] Graphics, have to decide what format to use.
  9. [ ] Sounds